Jyoti Nilayam Secondary school is owned and administered by Ursuline Sisters of Mary Immaculate (U M I), a religious congregation founded on 17th February 1649 at Piacenza in Italy by Blessed Brigida Morello . “Love of God and neighbor ” was her motto. Her desire to be a missionary became a reality when the congregation landed on the Indian soil on 12th November in 1934. The pioneers, inspired by her vision began their work in earnestness by reaching out to the less fortunate and alleviating their sufferings. One very effective way was educating young girls and boys, providing them values of life, enabling them to face the challenges and be successful in life. Since then, hundreds of dedicated virgins follow her example and live their lives in the service of God and fellow-men by means of various activities such as teaching the ignorant, nursing the sick, ministering the old and dying, caring for the orphans and the homeless. The school aims at the integral formation of the young boys and girls by the type of teaching which tends to bring about a personal synthesis of life by educating them, to be spiritually oriented, morally upright, socially concerned and intellectually well-informed, all with a view of making human life meaningful. The school serves students from lower kindergarten to higher secondary level. It is open to all students irrespective of caste and creed. They are accepted and cherished as they are; and are helped to grow in their culture, social and religious traditions.

Our Instructions

A teacher’s role is very significant in the life of a student. Just as without a shepherd,sheep are not a flock so also without a teacher children are not pupils. Teachers not only teach subjects but also mould the future citizens of the nation.


Principal's Message

Media like news papers, magazines, Radio, Television, Cinema, Internet, Websites and so on are means of communication that should be used to promote among the people awareness of what is happening around us and in the world..


Our Guarantee

Achieving the vision of a bright and shining future for the young generation, equipping them to face the challenges of life that await them and help them to be true and loyal citizens of our motherland and thereby enabling the students to become globally competent.


Our Reliability

The impacts of information technology, globalization and liberalization have ushered in thought process and effective intervention of the technology. These resulted in schools no more remaining as places of one way traffic in learning, but have now taken on the role …