Co-Scholastic Activities

  1. a) Life Skills:-
  2. Interactive sessions are conducted by the Experts for Enhancing Thinking Skills,
    Social Skills and Emotional Skills.
  3. Self-appraisal of students is obtained semester wise.
  4. b) Attitude and values:-
  5. Moral values are inculcated in all the students by our  teachers and other experts.
  6. Attitudes are observed in two folds
  7. i) By self appraisal                ii) By Teacher’s observation
  8. c) Work Education:-

Basic knowledge of computer is given to all the students by our Computer Teachers.

  1. d) Art :-
  2. Drawing, Caricature, Sketches and paintings are done on regular basis.
  3. Students prepare Greeting Cards, Birthday Cards, dream catchers, paper pens, jute baskets, jute pen holder.
  4. e) Special Skills:-

Literary and scientific skills are observed through competitions, class activities and lab activities

  1. f) Physical and Health Education:-
  2. Sports and Yoga are regular activities for PHE. Yoga is compulsory for classes VIII, IX and X.
  3. Students are given special training in Karate , Football and Athletics
  4. g) Exhibitions:-

14  Clubs Function in our School. Exhibits are prepared Club wise. An exhibition is conducted in August.

  1. h) Quiz:-

Quiz is conducted  both at school level and inter-school level. It is also taken as a tool in Scholastic Assessment.

  1. i) Scholarship Examinations:-

Olympiads, MTSE,  NTSE and IAS preparation Exams are conducted regularly. Students are given training by Experts.

  1. j) Social Service:-

Our Students and Teachers take commendable initiative for helping the
Old Age Home and Orphanages.